Hydroponic Grow Kit - 5 inch

Hydroponic Grow Kit - 5 inch

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This Hydroponic Grow Kit contains one 6-inch net pot and one bag of pre-washed expanded clay pebble growing medium enough to fill the net pot.

Cache pot or saucer not included

How to grow plants with this kit:

1. Fill the bottom of the net pot with 1 inch layer of clay pebbles

2. Place the plant into the net pot

3. Fill pebbles up to rim

4. Place in a saucer/cache pot of at least 2 inches in depth, add diluted nutrient solution to 1cm in height in saucer

5. Slowly increase water level every day till saucer is full

6. Fill with nutrient solution periodically from the top of the net pot when the level is low

7. Flush the net pot with plant monthly to reduce mineral deposits and replace nutrient solution